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' Be(e) mini!

The mini quilt we received in a swap!


Wow, it´s Monday again already and we are into February! Amazing how quickly time flies by sometimes - especially when you get treated with lovely things! 

Remember the little bee hexie doll quilt above that we sent out in a swap...and do you want to see the one we received in return?!


Isn´t it just too cute?! It´s made by Karen in Washington state...and called "Woodland Wonderland"...perfect for us!!!

Look, this is the inspirational print out Karen used to create this quilt...stunning:

So much detail in there, the quilting is amazing:

The label is the cutest, too:

Not only did we get this fantastic mini quilt, but also got treated to some more awesome bits:

So...yay for swap friends!!!

Have a great day!!!


' My new autumn sweetheart! ;)

My new autumn drawstring bag!


Wow, can you believe it´s November already? Time flies sometimes, right?! Although I got to admit that yesterday we definitely noticed it must be November because it was freezing cold outside and we went for a huge mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and donuts - because we kind of figured we deserved a big treat for going outside in this weather at all!

But what I really wanted to talk about is my lovely new bag - and yes I know I got a bag problem lol (seriously, a girl can´t have too many bags right?!) And to defend myself I need to tell you about my old drawstring bag. I had that thing for twenty years now and it is literally falling apart...I keep saying I´ll throw it out but kept me company for over half of my it´s a bit hard to let go. Maybe it´s a bit easier now that I have a fabulous new one. It has a lot of favorite fabrics in it and there is so much going on on this little bag.

In case you wonder the fabrics I used are mainly "Enchant" by Natalie Lymer and "Fort Firefly" by Teagan White. Two absolute must-have-lines with Jamie and me!!! There´s nothing in these fabrics that´s not to love. They are so absolutely lovely and cute and the colors are perfect! I used a bit of soft leather for the bottom and a basic blue cotton for the lining. 

And here is Jamie showing the super cute little quilt that her pen-pal Anna in New Zealand made for her - so super sweet! The girls are about the same age and already sew for each other - how awesome is that?! 

Oh and we got the loveliest Autumn candy from Anna and Rachel as well - fairy mushrooms - they are about the yummiest gummibears ever! Thank you so much you two!!!

Have a beautiful week!


' Make a deer brooch or gift tag!

embroidery pattern for a deer brooch or gift tag.

Hello and welcome to a new week on our blog!

Today we are going to make some more brooches! First of all because you can never have too many brooches! Second of all because we need to start thinking about Christmas presents and these little beauties make perfect small gifts for any nature lover! Third of all because these brooches don´t have to be brooches - skip the pin on the back and use them as gift tags!
See, there are a lot of reasons why you should most definitely sew some!
Let´s get started!

We need:

scraps of felt (I used brown, but they would look cute in any color - pssst, I know that they have a passion for looking fancy and standing out in the crowd!)
embroidery floss
bakers twine

Get the deer template here!

Transfer the deer template onto felt. I usually do it by cutting the template out and tracing around it. 

Time to start stitching! I used a simple backstitch and three strands of embroidery floss. Once you are done, cut out the deer, but please don´t cut into your embroidery! Glue a pin to the back of the deer.

Take some bakers twine and a bell and decorate that little cutie! 

Alternatively punch a hole and use it as the cutest gift tag on the block!

Oh and I didn´t tell you about reason number four why you need to make them - hoop them up! On the piece shown here I used a chain stitch for the body and a satin stitch for the little spots!

So have fun with this pattern and let´s see some pictures!