' Grateful...

A box full of treasures!

...for friends far away that send you a box full of treasures!

My beloved middle Sis Sabrina sent us a box full of treats! (I swear this girl is working along with Santa´s elves!)

She sent Jamie a birthday present...the best birthday present ever as she said...she said she looks like a real American girl now - and she does! And is so super proud of it!!!

She also got the most perfect birthday card in the world with her beloved ponies! We are still figuring out if this is frame-able in a way as it got the cutest ever little ponies castle.

Not only did Jamie get spoilt to bits and pieces - I got the best ever mug!!! I love my mugs!!! A lot!!! And this one is just perfect!!! Years ago we were even driving over this bridge! 

Oooh and just look at this pile of fabric...a pile of treasures really!!!

And the cutest bee chocolate truffle in the whole world...we will never get ourselves to be eating this, it´s just too cute!!!

There were more treasures in the box, more to see on Wednesday! 

Thank you tons again, love!!!!

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