' Whimsical Wednesdays

Whimsical crochet collars!

Happy Wednesday!

Happy whimsical Wednesday, actually! I am a lucky mother, because my daughter shares my love for anything whimsical. When I first spotted crochet collars and showed her we immediately agreed that she needs to have one, too - at least one! This was almost a year ago and we never got around to actually make plans for the colors and pattern choices for her collar. So it was about time to finally get working and cross this project off our to-do-list!

So far I made two collars and I´m quite sure there will be more of these little lovlies in our future!

The collar on this photo is made using the pattern on this lovely blog!

This one on the following photo is the Peter Pan collar from here!

I certainly hope we could tempt some of you to make your very own collars!


' Clara´s first month of traveling

Clara´s first month of being a traveling owl.

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend! I´m sure owl Clara did have a great one as she currently is visiting Myriam in Belgium. 

Clara has been traveling for almost a month now and she already got to meet three lovely girls - Kris and Anke in the Netherlands and Myriam in Belgium! I got to admit I am a little bit jealous that she gets to meet all of you, I´d love to meet all of you in person as well! 

Isn´t it just super exciting that Clara has already been in three different countries since she started her journey?! She will stay in Belgium for a little bit longer to visit Saskia next who promised to introduce her to her very first experience with Belgian chocolate. I´m sure she will love it! 

Saskia, be careful that she doesn´t eat too much of it, otherwise she´s going to be too heavy and her flights will be delayed!

Hans is excited to hear about her next adventures!


' Doll sized coasters!

doll sized coasters made from ironing beads in scandinavian style.

Hello! Happy Friday!

Last project in our Scandinavian month - let´s use some of these ironing beads again and make little itty bitty coasters for a doll and toy tea time! Jamie loves to throw tea parties for her dolls and teddy bears almost daily, so we figured it´s about time to have some lovely little coasters for her tea time "guests". Pattern wise I went with a simple flower - fully inspired by all the cross stitch goodness that comes from Scandinavia! I kept doodling until  I found a shape I liked so there you go - a small rose flower for making tiny coasters.
We also made some simple round coasters that remind me a lot of colored chocolate candies.

Here you can see the pattern for the flower!

It is really easy actually. Simply take your ironing beads, put them on your plastic models in whatever design you fancy. Once you are happy with it place baking paper over it (very carefully to not destroy your work!) and iron on the highest setting for a few seconds. You can stop once you notice that the beads start to slightly melt. It really only takes a few seconds so keep watching what you do!

No proper tea party without cake, right?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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' Whimsical Wednesdays

Whimsical Wednesday with crochet bunny and easy pizza recipe.

Hello everyone!

So, I know it´s Wednesday and we always wrote about colors on Wednesday but then we thought it might be fun to share our love for anything whimsical, so we will have "Whimsical Wednesdays" for a change! 

Here´s a very whimsical little bunny I crocheted the other day! Hans really needed someone to play with, so here we go.  The fun thing is that I hardly do any crochet during summer time but as soon as it gets colder my love for crochet gets the better of me and a lot of crochet animals start to populate our place. 

One of them is this strange bunny! It has an apple hat! I like apples - a lot!

Hans and the bunny got a little pizza. Jamie figured they might be just as hungry as she is. So we made them their very own mini pizza. In case you wonder - this is world´s easiest pizza dough! If you want the recipe, here it is:

take about 100 grams of "normal" (by that I mean full fat or Greek) yogurt and mix with about 125 grams of flour. Knead until it becomes a nice and soft dough. You might have to add some more flour so it won´t stick. Roll it out and put your toppings on. Bake at 210°C for about 30 minutes (the baking time will depend on how thick your pizza is and on how "brown" you like it). I told you it was easy, right?! And no, I didn´t forget any ingredients. It is only these two and it makes a delicious pizza base! 

We hope you give this a try and that we see you back here on Friday! 


' Rie Elise Larsen

rie elise larsen paper and crafts

Happy Monday to you!

Today I would love to share my love for a very special paper artist with you. She is called Rie Elise Larsen and has her origins in Denmark. I first spotted one of her designs in a German interior and living magazine a couple of years ago. They had a photo of a charming whimsy mobile with the most adorable paper birds and owls hanging from it. I immediately fell in love and that love grew over the years. I can honestly say that Rie just never fails to meet my taste. Her designs are so unique as well - something that manages to stand out from the crowd (which is the hardest thing nowadays isn´t it?!). She doesn´t only design the most adorable wrapping and craft papers, but also hangers, lamps, tea towels and the most charming little bracelets! 

She keeps involving owls in her creations. The green wrapping paper and the owl card are fairly new - aren´t they adorable?!

This is one of my favorite hangers - the flying stamp - with a Danish stamp!

A really girly bracelet - with stars and beads and it´s glittery!

Here are some of her pretty ribbons! Just think of all the crafty possibilities with these!

UPDATE: read everything about owl Clara´s visit at Anke´s house and their adventures together here!


' Moomin Giveaway!

Moomin Giveaway!

Hello sweet readers!!!

So, today is giveaway day! I already told you on Wednesday we were going to have a present for one of you - but more on that later!

It is week three in our Scandinavian inspired month and when I think about Finland the first thing coming to my mind are the Moomins! I have loved them when I was little and I still love them now and happily notice that Jamie shares the love for these cute little creatures! The Moomins have been created by illustrator Tove Jansson. They are a family of three - there is Moominpappa, Moominmamma and Moomintroll. They live in a lighthouse in Moominvalley and have a lot of adventures with their friends. Some favorites of ours are Snork Maiden, Little My and Sniff - just to name a few. We think they all are glorious - each one of them in their own way! 

We figured we are not the only ones who love the Moomins, that is why we want to give a crocheted Moomintroll away to one of you!

The rules are really simple. To enter the giveaway you simply need to be a follower of Lilla Luise blog and leave a comment. For an extra entry (which means you get double the chance!) grab the giveaway button from our sidebar and put it on your blog. Easy, right?!

The giveaway will be open for the next two weeks and will end on February 1st. 

We hope you have fun entering the giveaway - it sure was a pleasure to crochet the Moomintroll! Oh and I can´t forget about the little donut. Our Moomintroll loves sweets so he will travel with his own teeny tiny donut!

Good luck everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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