' Sweets for the sweet

Sewing tutorial for fleece cookie, chocolate and gingerbread candy.


Did you all have a good week and are you ready for the last fairy tale craft? I thought we stick with Hansel and Gretel a little bit longer and craft something literally sweet! Remember the witch? She is living in a beautiful house made of cakes and cookies after all. So why not sewing up some sweets for your sweet little ones while recycling some leftover fleece scraps at the same time? Well, if you are a wee bit like us, you will have a ton of scraps of every possible material laying around. Those pieces that are too big to be treated like rubbish and that fall in the "better-keep-me-I-might-be-useful-one-day" category. So we decided to re-purpose some of these bits and picked out some cookie colored pieces of fleece.

If you are in the mood to make your own selection of yummy fleecey "baked goods" you will need:

scraps of fleece
embroidery floss and needle
scraps of paper

To make the chocolate bar you need to cut two rectangles of fleece. The size really is up to you or to the size of the fleece scraps you are using. Ours is about the size of a real chocolate bar. Layer the two pieces of fleece on top of each other, right sides together and sew around the edges with a quarter inch seam allowance. Leave about two inches open. Backstitch and cut your thread. Turn your chocolate bar right side out, flatten it and stitch the opening closed. Now sew all around the edges once again with a quarter inch seam allowance, then sew a chocolate bar pattern on it. Use some paper or foil to wrap your chocolate bar in a shiny wrapper!

For the gingerbread repeat the basic steps that we just did for the chocolate bar, just don't sew a chocolate bar pattern but get your embroidery floss and hand-stitch some detail onto it.

For the sugar cookie cut two circles and embroider some sprinkles onto the right side of one circle. Now layer the circles on top of each other, right sides together, sew around them and leave an opening. Turn right side out, stitch opening closed and sew around the edges.

Now, that has been easy, right?! You created new toys for your little ones and you got rid of some scraps (so there´s room for new ones...!).

I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend and that we will see you on Monday! Oh, by the way, December´s monthly theme will be "December magic"!


' Color Story - Gingerbread

Gingerbread color pick inspired by the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.


Today´s color pick might just put you into the right mood for the joyful weeks ahead of us - "gingerbread"! 

Don´t we just all love to nibble on a gingerbread cookie while watching Christmas movies, wrapping up Christmas presents and doing holiday crafts?! Well, I know that the little one and I do! 

I´m sure you all know the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel" - a little boy and girl who get abandoned in the woods by their horrible stepmother and who then find a gingerbread house owned by an even worse witch! That´s called out of the frying pan into the fire, huh? But luckily the Brothers Grimm made them very clever kids so they manage to trick the old witch and escape to go back to their loving father and the three of them live happily ever after! 

Hansel sure would have eaten half of these instead of leaving a trail of crumbs to find the way back to the house!

So a good plan for the evening would be getting your feet up, putting a Christmas movie on and munching away on some gingerbread cookies - oh, with loads of sprinkles of course!

Hope to see you on Friday for the last fairy tale inspired craft project! 


' Sweet owl brooch!

tutorial to make a brooch with embroidery and muffin wrappers.

Hello and welcome to a new week on our little blog!

You already know we are slightly addicted to brooches of all sorts. I just think they are always in fashion and can spice up even the most boring outfit you have hidden in your cupboard! 

Today we want to spice up your "baking outfit" and also re-purpose some muffin cases! Every time we are heading into the kitchen to get baking we already know that things will end up getting messy, so we are wearing clothes on which I don´t mind random splatters of flour, chocolate and jam. But hey - you can still look good even if you are in a mess, right? So we needed a brooch to fancy up our "let´s get baking - it´s Christmas time" outfit! (and there will certainly be a lot of these baking days ahead in December!) 

This brooch is simple, yet lovely. It is very easy to make but oh so darling because it features one of the sweetest owls ever! The owl is a design by the fabulous Mollie from wild olive. Mollie became such a sweet friend for us and pssst...she has a very special day today - it is her birthday! So hop over to her blog and congratulate her!

Happy Birthday, dear Mollie! May all you wishes come true!

Let´s make that brooch now, shall we?!

Here´s what we need:

muffin wrappers in different sizes
embroidery floss and needle
fabric scraps
iron-on interfacing
different trims and ribbons
brooch pin

First you need to work on your embroidery piece. Like I already said I used my very favorite owl by Mollie. I ironed some iron-on interfacing to the back of my fabric to add more stability. Then I embroidered my owl, added a couple of stitches with my sewing machine (that´s absolutely optional, I just thought it looks cute!) and cut it out to an oval shape.

Layer your muffin wrappers on top of each other until you have a composition that you are happy with. Now figure out if you want to add any ribbon or other trims and glue them between the layers of muffin wrappers. 

Once you have done that I recommend you stitch a little "star" through all layers of wrappers and ribbon/ trim to make sure it keeps together nicely.

Glue your embroidery on top of all the wrappers and glue the brooch pin to the back, let dry and admire your new kitchen "accessory"! 

See you on Wednesday!


' Star headband for little ones!

Sewing tutorial for a felt star headband.


Ready for the next fairy tale inspired craft? As we were talking about the "The Star Money" on Wednesday I thought it might be nice to put a little star into your little princess´ hair! So let´s make a star headband!


scraps of felt
a piece of elastic
some beads
glitter glue
embroidery floss
a scrap of fabric

Star template

First you need to cut out one small and one big star from felt. Layer the small star onto the big one and sew a running stitch around the small star´s edge with a matching embroidery floss. We decided to make it even more sparkly by stitching some beads on and adding glitter glue around the edges. 

Time to cut the elastic. I cut mine to a length of 15 inches. Simply measure around your kid´s head until you find a comfortable length!
To make the fabric closure we need a piece of fabric that measures 2.5 x 3 inches. Fold the edges of the longer side a quarter inch inwards on each side and press (see, this way you end up with a piece that is a 2.5 inch square!).

Now fold the fabric piece into halves, wrong sides together. The edges that you just pressed inwards will build the sides. Unfold and iron both sides to the middle crease you just created. It´s like making a mini bias binding.

Push the ends of your elastic into the fabric closure you just created, making sure they are nestled inside half an inch on both ends. Now pin the fabric closure together, matching up the edges and sew all around it to secure the elastic ends. 

Put the headband on your kid´s head and determine where you want to position the little star. Mark that position and stitch it on!

Have fun and a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


' Color Story - Stargazer

Color pick stargazer inspired by the fairy tale the star money.

Hello and happy Wednesday!!!

So, did you try and guess what fairy tale might inspire us this week?

This week´s pick is the lovely color called "stargazer" and as we really love stars we didn´t have to look for inspiration for very long! It´s all about the fairy tale "The Star Money", once again by the amazing Grimm Brothers! I´m sure you all know the story about the poor little orphan who has a heart of gold. She doesn´t have anything apart from a loaf of bread and the clothes she is wearing and still she gives all of her possession to others. When she has nothing left the stars in the sky are falling to earth and turn into golden talers. What a beautiful ending for a fairy tale!

I bet she would have loved a star shaped sugar cookie on a stick!

You get a little peek into my sketchbook, too!

Make sure to be back on Friday for some more star inspired crafts for our fairy tale themed month! 


' Sew a magical star wand!

star wand tutorial

Hello everyone!

New week, new project! Are you up for making a sweet little star wand with us?

Here´s what you need:

scraps of yellow felt
black embroidery floss
paper straw

star template

Print out the star template and cut out two stars from the yellow felt. Mark the eyes and mouth on one star piece and embroider with three strands of black embroidery floss.

Layer the two star shapes on top of each other, the star face facing up to you. Start sewing close to the middle of the bottom, very close to the edge. Sew all the way around the star but leave a bit more than a quarter inch unsewn. This is the opening through which you can now enter the stuffing with a wooden skewer.

Push the stuffing nice and neat into all five corners of your star. Enter your paper straw and you´re done!

See you on Wednesday...can you guess what fairy tale will inspire our color pick?


' Sew a Little Red Riding Hood bag!

Pattern and tutorial for a little red riding hood bag.

Hello dearest fairy tale lovers!

Are you ready for fairy tale project number three? Yes? So, let´s sew a Little Red Riding Hood bag! This is a very "open" interpretation of this awesome fairy tale but I think it will suit any girl´s little wardrobe perfectly as a quirky red highlight! 


fabric paint in red and white
lining fabric (we used a red one with white polka dots)
sewing machine

First print out your template and prepare the letter template to be used for painting on the burlap. With a paper knife or cutter carefully cut out the letters. Please don´t cut yourself!

Cut out two bag outside pieces of burlap and two bag inside pieces of lining fabric (please keep in mind you need to cut on the fold or print out the pattern pieces twice and tape them together!) Also cut two top edge pieces of burlap.

First we will create the pleats on the bag outside. Take one of the bag outside pieces you just cut from burlap and fold the pleats from the side towards the middle (where the fold is) where indicated. Pin in place and then simply sew an inch down on each pleat to secure it. Don´t forget to backstitch to secure the thread before cutting off. Repeat for the second piece of burlap.

Now determine which one will be your bag front, lay the letter template on top of it (where you want the "I love red" to be positioned) and go over it with your fabric paint. According to the manufacturer´s instructions iron the paint to make it permanent and washable. 

Time to sew on the top edge on both burlap pieces. Take one burlap piece and put it in front of you, right side up. Lay one of the top edge pieces on top of it, matching the raw edges and pin in place. Sew together with a quarter inch seam allowance. Take your iron and press the seam allowance towards the top edge, topstitch on the top edge to keep the seam allowance in place. Repeat for the second outside bag piece. 

Now lay your two finished outside pieces on top of each other, right sides facing each other. Secure with a few pins. Sew along the sides and bottom, leave the top open!

To create the inside of the bag, simply take the two lining pieces, lay on top of each other, right sides together. Like we just did for the bag outside, we will sew along the sides and bottom and leave the top open. But this time leave a 4 inch opening in the bottom of the lining. We will need it to turn the bag right side out later!

Time to make the strap. Cut one piece of burlap, measuring 2.5 x 30 inches and one piece of lining in the same size. As working with burlap can be a bit tricky here´s what I did. I layered the burlap and lining, right sides together and was sewing down the long side on one edge (again we are using a quarter inch seam allowance). Then I folded the raw edges of the burlap and the lining a quarter inch inwards and pressed. This way I created nice and neat edges that I simply pinned together. Now you can topstitch over it, very close to the edge - see, you just secured the unsewn long end and topstitched the same side in one go! Topstitch the other side of your strap as well!

To put the bag together you will need to turn the outside bag body right side out and the inside bag body wrong side out. Push the outside bag body into the inside, matching the side seams. Now we need to get the strap in there as well. The strap needs to be layered between the outside and inside exactly in the middle of each side seam. Be careful that you don´t twist the strap! Make sure all top edges match up nicely and pin in place. 

Sew all around the top of the bag with a quarter inch seam allowance. Cut your thread and turn the bag right side out through the opening you left in the lining. You can either close the opening by hand stitching or you use your sewing machine and sew with a very small seam allowance. I usually do it by hand.

Last thing to do is press the top edge of the bag and topstitch all the way around it! 

Ta-daa! Admire your work! Wrap up, grab the new bag and go on a walk through the woods to show it off!

If there are any problems at all, let me know! Have a beautiful weekend! 

Tip Junkie