' Sew a sweet little apron!

Tutorial for sewing a Christmas apron for children!

Happy Monday!!!

Only one more week until Christmas! In case you need a last minute gift for a little one you might consider sewing a quick apron with us today! It is super easy to make, too.


laminated cotton (or plain cotton, but if you are using a laminate you can wipe it off, which is very clever when baking or cooking with children, right?!)

bias tape (homemade or store bought)

fabric scraps for the pocket ( I used an embroidery piece I wanted to feature but you can just use a cute fabric).

First you need a pattern. The measurements I used will make an apron that fits kids in the age of three and up. 

Draw your pattern and cut out the apron piece from laminated cotton. 

From your bias binding you need to cut several pieces:

one piece for the bottom measuring 45 inches
one piece for the top measuring 10 inches
and one piece to create the waist ties and neck strap measuring 60 inches

Start with attaching the bias tape (the 10 inch piece you cut for the top) to the apron top. Cut off any excess tape.

Once you did that, sew bias tape around the sides and bottom of the apron. Use the 45 inches piece you cut. Finally we need to make the neck strap and waist ties. Fold your remaining piece of bias binding into halves and mark the half with a sewing pin. Now put the bias tape around your kid´s neck to find out how long the neck strap needs to be to guarantee a comfortable fit for your little one. Mark with pins on both sides once again. These two marks show you where you need to attach the bias tape to the top part of the curves that you cut for the arms. Pin your bias tape along the curves on both sides. Starting on one end of the bias tape sew along the edge very closely (this will "close" the bias tape and create a nice strap), then sew along the curve on this side, the neck strap (very close to the edge of the bias tape again), the curve on the other side and the second end of the apron tie. This way you will create the ties and neck strap all in one go. Tie a little knot into both ends of the apron straps.

To make the pocket, cut out two pieces of fabric. Layer them right sides together, sew all the way around them with a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving a few inches open at the bottom. Clip the corners.

Turn right side out and press. Position the pocket on the apron, secure with a few pins and sew along the sides and bottom, close to the edge. Tadaa! All done and ready for a bake-off!

Oh and before we forget - Congratulations to Nina who is the winner of our elf puppets giveaway! Thank you to everyone who participated!

See you on Wednesday!

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