' Peppermint Pinwheel Pouch!

Pattern and tutorial for sewing a half dresden plate pouch.

Hello and Happy Friday!!!

And oh my! Did you notice that Christmas really and seriously is just around the corner now? If you are like me you will be sitting in a pile of half finished handmade presents right now and still need to think about at least two or three more presents for people that already have everything and don´t have any special requests or wishes either! So what about making a little pouch? Everyone needs them...and even if they don´t exactly need them there´s never a case of too many pouches, right?! 

Well, fact is, that Mrs. Clause is one of the biggest bag addicts down at the north-pole ..and she has every reason to be one, because there are always forgetful elves and tipsy reindeer that need odds and ends that Mrs.Clause can usually whip up from her special "Peppermint pinwheel" purse. See, it´s kind of a perfect last-minute gift! Or make one for yourself - you know you deserve one with all that Christmas chaos around you! And don´t you just really want one, too? So let´s get started!

You will need:

fabric for the half dresden plate
fabric for the outside bag body as well as fabric for the lining (two fat quarters would work well!)
iron-on interfacing
a snap button (or use velcro if you prefer)

First you need to create your half dresden plate. Sew the nine segments together using a quarter inch seam allowance. Press.

Take your iron-on interfacing and cut it in the exact same size as the half dresden plate piece you have just been sewing together. Iron it to the wrong side of the half dresden plate. I did that to add more stability to my work, but it is totally up to you, if you want to do that or not. It certainly isn´t necessary, but I find it makes things easier if you do. Now we need to trim the top of this piece to make it nice and straight (just use the flap pattern piece as a template for trimming!).

Take the two pieces for the little half circle, put them right sides together and sew around them, leaving the top open. Clip, but don´t cut into your seam allowance. Turn right side out, press.

Position the little half circle on the segment piece, pin in place and sew around it, very close to the little circle´s edge. You just created your flap outside.

Take the flap lining and layer it on top of the flap outside, right sides together. Sew around it with a quarter inch seam allowance, leaving the top open. Clip the seam allowance, turn right side out, press. Sew along the curved edge.

To make the bag body take one of the outside body pieces and create the darts on both sides. To do that, simply mark the position of the darts, pin them in place and sew. Repeat for the second body outside piece.
Take the two body pieces, layer them right sides together and sew around them with a quarter inch seam allowance. Clip the curves. Repeat these steps to build the lining body, but remember to leave an opening in the lining body to turn the purse later. This opening should be about four inches in size. 

Take the outside body, right side out and the lining body, wrong side out. Stuff the outside body into the lining body, so that the right sides of lining and outside fabric are facing each other. Make sure that the side seams of outside and lining body meet. Take the flap and layer it between the lining and outside body. Make sure you position the flap nice and neat in the middle and that the flap outside points towards the body outside. Line up all top edges (outside body, flap and lining).

Pin in place and sew all the way around the top edge with a quarter inch seam allowance. Turn the bag right sides out through the opening in the lining. Hand stitch that opening closed. Attach a snap button.

This was easy, right? You got your very own peppermint pinwheel candy inspired little pouch now! Stuff it with sweet treats and give it away as a gift or keep it for yourself! 

Have a happy weekend, relax and be merry - it´s almost Christmas after all!

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