' Color Story - Golden Straw

Golden straw colors inspired by the fairy tale Rumplestiltskin.

Hello everyone!!!

We decided to go on with the fairy tale inspired colors...so today´s pick is "Golden straw"! It is inspired by the fairy tale "Rumpelstiltskin", once again by the famous Grimm Brothers. It´s about a miller who tells the king that his daughter is capable of spinning straw into gold. So the king shuts the poor girl into a tower full of straw that is only provided with a spinning wheel. Of course she can´t spin straw into gold - that´s where Rumpelstiltskin comes into play. That tricky little guy is totally able to do what the king asked for but he also requests some kind of fee from the girl. When she has given him all her possession and got nothing left she promises to give him her firstborn child...and that´s a big mistake! You should go now and grab a story book and read about Rumpelstiltskin, the girl and how their story ends! 

Little peek into my sketchbook...

We rather have some edible golden straw! I bet if the girl had been able to bake these the king wouldn´t have wanted golden straw at all but rather have freshly baked golden cookies every day!

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