' Color Story - Feather Gray

Color pick feather gray inspired by fairy tale mother hulda.


Today´s color pick is "Feather Gray" - and what fairy tale just has to come to mind speaking of feathers?! Mother Hulda! Once again it is a fairy tale by the Grimm Brothers. Mother Hulda lives in a world different from ours and whenever she shakes her pillows the feathers will turn into snow!

Of course we do need a spindle as the spindle is the reason why the lucky girl enters the world of Mother Hulda! The girl was forced by her evil stepmother to spin all day long until her fingers bled. One day she wanted to wash her spindle and it fell into the well. The merciless stepmother didn´t feel any sympathy for the girl and told her to get it back out. So in the end the girl didn´t see any other solution than jumping into the well...and entering the magical world of Mother Hulda. 

The sweet busy girl in my sketchbook!

Now grab the story, make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy reading about the girl and why it pays to be industrious!

See you on Friday!

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