' Violet - a forest owl!

Craft tutorial to make a woodland owl from a balloon.


Let me introduce Violet, the forest owl! She´s a bit of a wacky, very unique little lady, she would never go out (pardon me, fly out) without putting some funky tidbits into her feathers, she treasures her grandmother´s pearl necklace and she loves a good old-fashioned tea party. Today she put on some itty-bitty stars just for you!

If you want to make your own Violet owl you will need the following:

a balloon
wallpaper paste
old newspapers
white acrylic paint
white tissue paper (or any other color you want to use for the owl body)
muffin wrappers
fun embellishments (we used a stencil to cut out tiny stars of brown kraft paper)
some card-stock scraps 
black pen for drawing the eyes and beak

First you need to blow up that balloon to the size you want your owl to be. Once you are happy with it, tie a knot into it. 

Take the old newspapers and tear them into smallish pieces (ours were about two inch squares in size). Start on one side of the balloon. Take the wallpaper glue, put some on the balloon, cover with newspaper pieces and put some more glue over it with a brush. Keep working your way around the balloon and make sure it is completely covered (work your way around the knot you tied - that knot will be very handy later, I promise!). Repeat until you have three layers of newspaper on it. Put it aside to let it dry.

Once dried we need to paint it with white acrylic paint to cover the newspaper. Let dry again. Now take your tissue paper and repeat the same process we did with the newspaper. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces and working with some more wallpaper paste cover the owl body all the way around with one nice and neat layer! Let dry. Once it is fully dried you need to pop the balloon. I simply pulled a little bit on the knot to pull it out and then cut it off. This will make the balloon loosen itself from the inside of the paper body you created. Please don´t be repelled when the paper body will just loose its nice round shape. Simply wait until the balloon is fully loose (you can pull on the balloon very gently), pull it out and carefully blow the paper body up again. That´s it, the nice shape you created is back!
Now it´s time to decorate the balloon. Like I already said, we used a stencil to create tiny stars that we glued onto the body.

For the wings we used medium sized muffin wrappers that I cut into quarters.

We glued these quarters on each side in rows, slightly overlapping each other.

For the eyes we used normal sized muffin wrappers as the base. I drew the eyes onto card-stock  cut them out as a circle and glued that on top of the muffin wrapper. Draw a beak and that´s it - meet your own Violet owl! 

See you on Wednesday!


  1. SUPER!!!Easy and so amazing!!Great job!

  2. Since my childhood this is idea what I usually do at Easter time - than it's not owl, but chicken :)