' Sweet owl brooch!

tutorial to make a brooch with embroidery and muffin wrappers.

Hello and welcome to a new week on our little blog!

You already know we are slightly addicted to brooches of all sorts. I just think they are always in fashion and can spice up even the most boring outfit you have hidden in your cupboard! 

Today we want to spice up your "baking outfit" and also re-purpose some muffin cases! Every time we are heading into the kitchen to get baking we already know that things will end up getting messy, so we are wearing clothes on which I don´t mind random splatters of flour, chocolate and jam. But hey - you can still look good even if you are in a mess, right? So we needed a brooch to fancy up our "let´s get baking - it´s Christmas time" outfit! (and there will certainly be a lot of these baking days ahead in December!) 

This brooch is simple, yet lovely. It is very easy to make but oh so darling because it features one of the sweetest owls ever! The owl is a design by the fabulous Mollie from wild olive. Mollie became such a sweet friend for us and pssst...she has a very special day today - it is her birthday! So hop over to her blog and congratulate her!

Happy Birthday, dear Mollie! May all you wishes come true!

Let´s make that brooch now, shall we?!

Here´s what we need:

muffin wrappers in different sizes
embroidery floss and needle
fabric scraps
iron-on interfacing
different trims and ribbons
brooch pin

First you need to work on your embroidery piece. Like I already said I used my very favorite owl by Mollie. I ironed some iron-on interfacing to the back of my fabric to add more stability. Then I embroidered my owl, added a couple of stitches with my sewing machine (that´s absolutely optional, I just thought it looks cute!) and cut it out to an oval shape.

Layer your muffin wrappers on top of each other until you have a composition that you are happy with. Now figure out if you want to add any ribbon or other trims and glue them between the layers of muffin wrappers. 

Once you have done that I recommend you stitch a little "star" through all layers of wrappers and ribbon/ trim to make sure it keeps together nicely.

Glue your embroidery on top of all the wrappers and glue the brooch pin to the back, let dry and admire your new kitchen "accessory"! 

See you on Wednesday!

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