' Star headband for little ones!

Sewing tutorial for a felt star headband.


Ready for the next fairy tale inspired craft? As we were talking about the "The Star Money" on Wednesday I thought it might be nice to put a little star into your little princess´ hair! So let´s make a star headband!


scraps of felt
a piece of elastic
some beads
glitter glue
embroidery floss
a scrap of fabric

Star template

First you need to cut out one small and one big star from felt. Layer the small star onto the big one and sew a running stitch around the small star´s edge with a matching embroidery floss. We decided to make it even more sparkly by stitching some beads on and adding glitter glue around the edges. 

Time to cut the elastic. I cut mine to a length of 15 inches. Simply measure around your kid´s head until you find a comfortable length!
To make the fabric closure we need a piece of fabric that measures 2.5 x 3 inches. Fold the edges of the longer side a quarter inch inwards on each side and press (see, this way you end up with a piece that is a 2.5 inch square!).

Now fold the fabric piece into halves, wrong sides together. The edges that you just pressed inwards will build the sides. Unfold and iron both sides to the middle crease you just created. It´s like making a mini bias binding.

Push the ends of your elastic into the fabric closure you just created, making sure they are nestled inside half an inch on both ends. Now pin the fabric closure together, matching up the edges and sew all around it to secure the elastic ends. 

Put the headband on your kid´s head and determine where you want to position the little star. Mark that position and stitch it on!

Have fun and a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!

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