' Sew a flashcard pillow!

Pattern and tutorial for a fairy tale flashcard pillow in vintage style.


Wow, I can´t believe it´s Friday already and that a new month started...but it also means we have a new monthly theme! November is going to be all about fairy tales! We will have some stitching and other craft projects for you every Friday during November! We hope you will try out some of our projects or even make some as Christmas presents for loved ones! 

All good fairy tales start with the famous words "once upon a time...", so we thought it´s just the right thing to start the new month with exactly this very first word - "once". Let´s stitch up a flashcard pillow! This project is totally inspired by a vintage flashcard featuring the word "once" that i spotted a while ago. I liked it so much that I wanted to involve it in a nice little sewing project! So gather your supplies, get a cup of coffee and sew a flashcard pillow with us! You will be amazed in how quickly it will come together!


ivory colored felt for the pillow
black colored felt for the letters
iron-on interfacing

First you need to cut out the two main panels for the pillow (front and back) of ivory colored felt. Pay attention that you actually cut it on the fold of your felt or alternatively print out two pieces of the pattern and tape them together where it says "fold"! A seam allowance of a quarter inch is already included in the pillow shape! You also need to cut out the letters of black felt.

I decided to iron some interfacing onto the wrong side of my pillow front exactly where I wanted my letters to go, simply because it will be so much nicer to sew the letters on if you add some more stability to your pillow felt. So figure out where you want the letters to go on your pillow (in our case it was the bottom right hand corner of the pillow front), take your iron-on interfacing and - according to the manufacturer´s instructions - iron it to the wrong side of the pillow front. 

Now position your letters onto the pillow front and sew them on. Stitch all the way around your letters, close to their edge. 

Once you have done that take your pillow front and back and lay them on top of each other, right sides together. Mark an opening of about 4 inches on one of the short ends of your pillow and remember to not stitch that closed, we need it for turning the pillow right side out!

With a quarter inch seam allowance stitch all the way around your pillow, but leave that opening open! Backstitch at the beginning and the end of your seam to secure the thread, cut off. Clip your corners!

Now turn your pillow right side out and push the corners out (I usually use a wooden spoon for doing that!). Stuff your pillow and handstitch the opening closed (a whipstitch works best for doing that!). Sit back and admire your gorgeous flashcard pillow!

Have a beautiful weekend (hopefully with your new pillow next to you on the sofa!) and see you on Monday!

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