' Color Story - Stargazer

Color pick stargazer inspired by the fairy tale the star money.

Hello and happy Wednesday!!!

So, did you try and guess what fairy tale might inspire us this week?

This week´s pick is the lovely color called "stargazer" and as we really love stars we didn´t have to look for inspiration for very long! It´s all about the fairy tale "The Star Money", once again by the amazing Grimm Brothers! I´m sure you all know the story about the poor little orphan who has a heart of gold. She doesn´t have anything apart from a loaf of bread and the clothes she is wearing and still she gives all of her possession to others. When she has nothing left the stars in the sky are falling to earth and turn into golden talers. What a beautiful ending for a fairy tale!

I bet she would have loved a star shaped sugar cookie on a stick!

You get a little peek into my sketchbook, too!

Make sure to be back on Friday for some more star inspired crafts for our fairy tale themed month! 


  1. Beautiful colours! I don't know the fairy tale but I'll have to look that up to read it at bedtime.

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! You really should, it´s a good one :)