' Color Story - Red

Color story red inspired by little red riding hood.


Today´s pick is as simple as it can get - "red"! 

Everyone knows the wonderful tale about "Little Red Riding Hood" written by the amazing Grimm brothers. In our opinion there couldn´t be a more suitable fairy tale to represent the color red!

Little Red must be one of the bravest little girls in the world as she fearlessly goes into the woods and faces the dangers lurking in the shadows to deliver goodies to her sick granny. 

On her way through the woods...

...to deliver treats to her grandmother!

Enjoy today´s color story and in case you haven´t read this awesome fairy tale for a while maybe today is a good day to do so!

Make sure to be back on Friday as this week´s fairy tale project will be inspired by Little Red! Have a peek!


  1. What a wonderful post! I like these pictures. And I love Little Red! It is one of my all-time-favourites! Your picture of her makes me want to dress up like Little Red. :D
    I´m really looking forward your post on friday!

    1. Thank you, Antje! It is an all-time-favorite in our house as well! :)