' Color Story - Peapod

Peapod inspired colors featuring the fairy tale the princess and the pea!


Today´s pick for our color story challenge is "peapod"...so why peapod? Well, because this months crafts are dedicated to fairy tales and we discovered that there are so many lovely fairy tales out there that suit a certain color scheme, so we couldn´t resist to pick out some favorites and match them to special colors.
The first one we want to show you is "The Princess and the Pea" and this one is just perfect for the color "peapod". 

See, the poor little princess will have a sleepless night as there is a pea hiding under all the layers of feather-beds and mattresses!

She got the most adorable pillows!

Even if she had a sleepless night - at least she happens to have an adorable quilt!

Here´s a glimpse at the layers of her feather-beds!

A little peek into my sketchbook...

Have a wonderful day and we hope to see you on Friday for project number two in our fairy tale month November!


  1. Adorable. The colour story idea is just so sweet and cute.

    1. Thank you, Rachel! :)