' Color Story - Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate truffle inspired color collection and recipe for chocolate hedgehogs


There we go...today´s color pick is called "chocolate truffle"! What a yummy color! I thought it might be fun to share a recipe with you. We didn´t make chocolate truffles, but we made chocolate hedgehogs! 

For six hedgehogs you will need:

100g of marzipan
25g of white chocolate, chopped
25g of dried cranberries, chopped
a dash of cinnamon (this is optional, but we love cinnamon!)
almonds, cut into small "sticks"
100g of milk or dark chocolate to dip your hedgehogs 

First we will put the milk (or dark) chocolate into a bowl over a water bath to melt it. While the chocolate is melting, we have time to knead together the marzipan, white chocolate, cranberries and cinnamon (if using). Once it is all nicely incorporated divide it into six balls and then shape it into hedgehogs. Stick almond pieces into the back of your hedgehogs for making the spikes. 

Now sit one hedgehog at a time on a teaspoon and dip into your melted milk (dark) chocolate, carefully turning it to make sure the marzipan body and spikes are completely covered. Doesn´t it just look beautiful all dressed up in a chocolate mantle?! Place it on a baking sheet to let it dry. Repeat for the 5 remaining hedgehogs. 

You will be surprised how quickly they are going to disappear! They would make such a fun treat for a fall table setting, for a kid´s woodland themed birthday party, on your Thanksgiving table or you can wrap them up nicely for a small gift! If you make them let us see!

They are also really nice with a white chocolate cover...see, you could totally use them for your Christmas table!

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