' Whimsical Wednesdays

Birthday cake on Whimsical Wednesdays!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

...and no, this is not Christmas in September, it is the cake I made to share with my wonderful friends that gave me my amazing birthday surprise!

I really think these ladies deserve another blog post as well as cake...!!! They are my "star" friends so each of them got a star on this cake!

Have a great day everyone and I really hope you are blessed with friends like these!


' The best friends in the world

My birthday box from the best friends in the world!

Happy Monday everyone!

Sooo, it was my birthday last week...and never before did I have a more emotional and special birthday than this year. I have the best friends in the world. I am so grateful and truly blessed to call these girls my friends. Their friendship is a huge gift, the best ever. 

As it happened my girls managed to make me cry...a lot...in a very good way actually! These amazing ladies sent me a huge birthday box full of gifts and cards and notes and love and spoilt me to bits and pieces. I am still totally overwhelmed as I type and really cant believe someone did something so special for me.

This is when I opened my box...and yes I admit that is my age, no mistakes there lol (and in case you wonder...30 does feel exactly like 29...hehe).

And then there was a HUGE pile of presents!

This one was from my beloved big sisters Sabrina and Mari-Ann. They arent sisters by blood, but sisters by soul, heart and choice. I can share everything with them, no matter if it is super horrible or super lovely. They are happy with me when I am happy and they put me back on my feet when I´m about to fall. I love them, a lot.

And yes, I´m the baby sis out of the three of us and loving it!

My lovely Kat did not only send us the huge treasure box I showed you last week but also put goodies into my birthday box...and Kat is the queen of putting lovely notes everywhere!

My lovely girls gave me sooo so so many goodies to unwrap! And all the labels and notes are treasured, I will keep them all in a special box!

This would be me...baby sis...yay!

Kat knows Jamie and I have a bunny thing going on somehow (I dont even know where this big bunny love got its origins lol).

There have been so so so many goodies...and cards...

...so many treasures...I got munki munki fireflies PJs and the coolest shirt in the world and a belt and key fob and so many other beautiful things...candy, fabric (yay for fabric!!!)...

I got a mini quilt from Susan...isnt it just beautiful?!!!

...and look at the cute embroidered hoop from Alex...

...but my most treasured gift is this quilt that got made from stars that my beloved friends sewed for me and that my middle Sis Sabrina sewed into a quilt...seriously, there is so much love in every stitch and I didnt dare to ask her how long it took her...(Sis, it is totally stunning and the most beautiful gift I ever got and I just know it took ages to finish this which makes me cry again because you decided to spend the treasured sewing time you got to make those stars into a quilt for me!).

Good friends are like...

...stars. You don´t always..

...see them, but you...

...know they´re always there.

Seriously, looking at this still makes me speechless and probably always will, because it is the most thoughtful gift in the world and will always be the most treasured one.

...my little someone developed a big love for the stars quilt, too...

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday so special and for making me feel so special and for making that little Jamie girl feeling so special too by tucking in a trillion of little surprises for her, too! I love you!


' Little kitchen - Pizza Toasts

Little kitchen recipe for making pizza toasts!

Hello little chefs!

It has been a crazy week here and we have been in need of some party food and there is one recipe that has been around in our family for ages as it seems...pizza toasts! They are one of the easiest things to make and so absolutely delicious that everyone will love them!

Pizza Toasts

toast slices
200g ham
100g grated cheese
a handful of pickled cucumbers
90g butter
2 eggs
1 onion
salt, pepper, paprika

First thin to do is cutting the ham and cucumbers into smallish cubes and chop the onion and parsley.
Take a bowl and mix the butter and eggs. Add the cheese, ham, cucumber, onion and parsley. Season with salt, pepper and paprika.

Line a baking tray with baking paper and put slices of toast on there. Spread the mixture onto the toast (put as much on as you like, but make sure it covers the toast nicely and dont put too little on it).

Bake at 160°C for 20 minutes.

The beauty about these is that they are yummy warm and cold. We love them warm but really dont mind eating the cold remains for breakfast or an easy lunch the next day!

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the end of summer and we will see you again next week!!!


' Ocean dumpling

Ocean themed dumpling swap from the lovely Kat!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

So, I already knew I had the best sewing friends in the world but mail-wise last week my girls went completely nuts, but I think all those gorgeous packages that came our way deserve blog posts of their own so this is what I will be doing!

This one is from Kat - and seriously, Kat knows me inside out! She is one of the sweetest friends you can have and one of the best people you will ever meet. She was my secret partner in the ocean dumpling swap that my lovely big Sis organised.

Here is a peek at all my treasures:

This is the dumpling, side one...Kat knows how intrigued we are with mermaids...

...side two...and just look at those clams!!!

I also got a stack of books...the big thick yellow one is a sketch book because Kat wants me to get back into sketching a lot more, she is one sneaky lady...! lol

I got the cutest socks in the whole world:

Oooh and I need you to meet Frankenclam, Frankie...that´s his name...isnt he the cutest little stitched up monster clam in the whole wide ocean?! He is so much treasured ever since we had him hopping out of the box!

He got his own little treasures inside but these are a secret! ;)

And we got the most beautiful sea shells, Kat knows why they are so super special to me!

Not only did I get spoilt to bits but there also was a huge bag for Miss Jamie...Kat loves her Jamie girl!

Jamie was over the moon opening everything, but the tray with the cat and ice cream sure was her very favorite bit!

Kat, you crazy sweet girl - thank you a TON! We love you for being you and never want to miss you in our life again! (and all the sweet notes we kept finding whilst opening our treasures!!!)

On Wednesday you will find me over at Clover & Violet so I will meet you back here on Friday!!!