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Hello everyone!!!

If you read this it means you are still here and still following along...which is amazing as I have been like the worst blogger ever lately! I keep thinking i want to post this and that and then it somehow never gets done. So if you are here it means you are VERY loyal! lol

I wanted to show these pictures for ages and ages as this swap has been due sometime back in February!

Better late than never...right?!!!

This swap has been all about Downton Abbey...in case you happen to not know it - it is a British TV series taking place in a country house in England in the Edwardian era.

I made a mugrug and teapot pincushion for my sewing partner...all British ;)

...as well as some cross stitch!

...and a little sketch of Mrs Hughes...my sewing partner´s favorite main character!

Have a super amazing weekend and hopefully I will be posting here a little bit more frequently now! ;)


' Happy Easter

Little cloud mug rug.

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!

...and just in case you guys are as tired of the April weather as we are...never forget...April showers bring May flowers and without rain you wouldn´t be able to jump into puddles and dance in the rain ;)


' Sometimes fairy tales do come true...

Amazing swap package from Andrea for the fairy tale swap!

Hello lovely readers!!!

It seems to be ages again since my last blog post! But sometimes life just happens, right?! Anyways, here are some treasures that I wanted to show you for ages! They come from my sweet friend Andrea in the USA. Our friendship started as an internet friendship and officially is a "real-life-friendship" and "Friends-for-life-friendship" now :) Hooray! Andrea is one of the sweetest people I ever met and I cant wait to give her a hug again!

She made a drop-dead-gorgeous sew together bag for me, that is well-used and treasured:

Look at this super duper amazingly cute apple pincushion!!!

...and the little red riding hood cross stitch that is living in Jamie´s room now...

...and a mug rug...that is too precious to put a mug on it so we decided it needs to be treated like a mini quilt and go up on the wall of minis!!!

I feel truly blessed to have such a sweet and thoughtful and amazing friend!!!

Have a gorgeous start into the new week everyone!!!


' It has been too long!

A crochet hook storage basket and paper pieced fox pillow for a swap friend!

Hello sweetest readers!!!

First of all - a big thank you that you still stick with me reading this blog even if the last blog post happened to be written a couple of weeks ago! I am so sorry!

But hey, at least I got some fun things to show you! Let´s start with a swap I sent out in the beginning of January to my dear swap partner in the USA.

She didnt know who was sewing for her, it was supposed to be a surprise but she had a mosaic with things she loves and could use. This little woodland fox made an appearance in her favorites a couple of times so I thought it would be perfect to give her a winter wonderland fox pillow!

She also asked for some kind of storage for her crochet and knitting needles and yarn and all those odds and ends that you keep piling up when you knit and crochet. So I made her a basket to hold all her treasures as well as wips :)

This is the other side:

Also Miss Jamie is turning into an ambitious little baker and is often pretty busy illustrating a recipe book of her own!

Thanks for being such great readers!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!


' Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Have an awesome time and let Santa treat you well! :)


' My Holidays bag

Little paper piecing templates for my Holidays bag!

A few of you were asking me about templates for this wee little 241 tote I made (pattern from noodlehead)...so i thought I´d share my patterns in a little PDF christmas present for you ;)

There you go:

...twinkling stars...

...a gingerbread house...

...a quote from Santa lol...

...and Holiday lights!

I hope you all enjoy these!!!


' Rudolph bag tutorial

Sewing tutorial to sew a Rudolph christmas bag!

Hello everyone!!!

If you want to find out how to sew the Rudolph bag hop on over to Clover & Violet where I share a tutorial with you!