' Felt food...

Tutorial for making felt food pasta tricolore!

...for your little ones´ summer outdoor kitchen!

If you want to find out how to make your own pasta tricolore from felt please hop over to Clover and Violet today and find our tutorial there!


' Fabric hoarder

Super lovely bag and goodies from Sarah!

Hello everyone!!!

So...as you already know...I am a fabric hoarder...and I am lucky enough to have a daughter who is equally hoarding fabric...just like her mommy lol (every time we go to a quilt store she will pick up fabric and that is stored away in a box for when the perfect project will come up as she keeps pointing out!). I fell heavily in love when I first saw Sarah´s amazing fabric hoarder art print. I can tell you - if you see it in person it is even more amazing! I love it! Very!

Not only did Sarah send along the amazing art print but also surprised us with the most perfect tote bag ever made! (this will hold a big lot of fabric in the very near future I am sure!).

She also sent us some fabric from her amazing new line called "August" that´s just hitting the stores in the states! It is one of the loveliest fabrics ever! Naturally I already ordered some...lots...more lol and cant wait for it to arrive here!

And now we will go and fill that bag - hooray! lol


' Little kitchen

Little kitchen recipe for making puff pastry pizza!

Hello sweet little chefs!

Today we got a recipe for super easy pizza! Jamie and I discovered that you can make pizza with pretty much anything you want. We made pancake pizza, bread pizza, fruit pizza...and also pizza with puff pastry...which turned out SO yummy that we would love to share the recipe with you!

Find your printable recipe coloring sheet here!

Puff Pastry Pizza


puff pastry
cream cheese
salt, pepper and herbs

Simply line a baking tray with baking paper and put your puff pastry on the baking paper. Spread cream cheese all over the pastry. You can either use herbed or flavored cream cheese, plain one or plain one that you season with salt and pepper and dried herbs. This is totally up to you!

As far as toppings go - the sky is the limit lol put on top whatever you fancy. We love onion rings, sausage or bacon and tomatoes, some fresh herbs (parsley and rosemary are our favorites) as well as cheese to finish it off. 

Once you are done bake the pizzas at 175°C for 25 minutes. Enjoy!!!

Have a beautiful summer weekend!!!


' Whimsical Wednesdays

Whimsical Wednesday with a Briar Rose quilt!

Happy Wednesday!

Just wanted to show you a little quilt I have been sewing for a swap! I used one of my all time favorite fabrics from Heather Ross -Briar Rose!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!


' Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap!

Happy Monday everyone!

Aren´t swaps just a beautiful thing? Especially the ones that are secret? You get to create something for another person which is usually a great way to try out things that you have never done before or that you might not do if it was for yourself? You also get to stalk the mailman every day until the package that was created for yourself arrives (although I am not quite sure if my mailman enjoy this all that much lol). But most important of all, you most certainly will make a new sewing friend somewhere in the world !

This is the super amazing and drop-dead-gorgeous quilt we got in the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap:

It is made by the lovely Ruth who is living in Ireland! She stalked me so well, really! I love love love rainbows!!! And I always wanted to make or receive a swoon quilt! And this is pretty much perfect for us!!! There was a love-at-first-sight-moment with this quilt! Thank you a trillion times again Ruth!!!

The first ever thimble of my life...which is really great as I seriously consider to pick up hand quilting eventually...if I am brave enough! 

We got spoiled to bits as you can see:

Here are some peeks of the quilt-as-you-go mini quilt I made for the very same swap...with the tiniest ever star:

Have a great Monday everyone!!!


' Jamie´s sweet table and hot dog bar

Sweet table and hot dog bar for Jamie´s birthday!

Hello everyone!!! 

I got to tell you in advance there is going to be a pile of photos in this post...showing Jamie´s sweet table and hot dog bar we had for her 6th birthday! We decided to go with a camping/glamping kinda theme...let´s just say at some point when we got thunder and lightning and dancing in the rain and mud puddles the glamping quickly turned into plain muddy camping lol

These straws I picked up on vacation, arent the cherry ones just the cutest?

For drinks they had two types of syrup...also apple iced tea...all homemade!

And we had a lot of mini food on her sweet table, here´s a little peek at the treats the littlies had:

We made homemade marshmallows for roasting over a campfire...we had from left to right...forest berry, super star lemon vanilla ones and blueberry swirl ones.

This is the hotdog bar - all mini again - that had to be moved indoors at some point...but the kids had a great time putting together their own little itty bitty mini hot dogs and put different sauces and toppings on them!

This was a fun game we did...the kids figured what Jamie might be when she´s grown up...I think her favorite was the movie superstar lol right followed by the food critic.

We had a pretty great time as you can see!!!

And we sent off her guests with a camping style favor box filled with homemade bread, trail mix and a bug bite soothing bath! Yay, come all back next year sweet little ones - you all rocked that party!!!



' The "Big Girl" bag :)

Duffle bag made with Heather Ross new Far away fabric!

Turning six changes a lot of things...when you are six years old you are considered to be a "big girl" - even if Mommy doesnt like it lol 

A big girl needs a big girl kinda bag, right? One that can accompany its owner on a journey, day trip, plane, car, train...so...I made a big girl bag for my precious Jamie. The fabrics are from Heather Ross new old line "Far Away" that is due out later in July 2014 as far as I know. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a sample spree bundle from Amanda and the fabric was perfect for my princess!

I had a little play around with simple squared patchwork and a hidden Ohio star in there, here´s one side of it:

I happened to have a big spoonflower print of the princess that seemed perfect to be used on the other side of the bag:

Also I wanted cool handles...and as Jamie loves apples I went for apple handles:

Ready to be the perfect companion for future adventures!!!